The Effective Teaching and Learning Centre (ETLC) has been helping students reach their academic peak since 1991. Through our teaching of mathematics, students not only learn how to understand mathematical concepts, but also to develop problem solving skills and general study skills. The ETLC experience has a positive impact on students' lives, preparing them for current and future success in their studies.

Why choose ETLC For Tuition?


We have a limited number of students, so each individual is nurtured and supported according to his or her needs.


Our Centre has a long history of excellent results in the N.S.W. Higher School Certificate. Some of our students have achieved a UAI of 100, others have achieved an ATAR of 99.95 which ranks them at the very top of the State.


Parents and students are delighted with the difference our excellent teaching methods have made to the student's ability, understanding, confidence and performance.


As we rarely advertise, our growth has come through recommendations. This reflects the quality of our teaching. We not only focus on mathematics, but also on study skills and examination technique in order to help our students to reach their full potential in all of their subjects.

Style of Teaching

We have a traditional approach to educating our students; nothing can replace a real teacher with extensive knowledge! Our classroom discipline ensures an effective learning environment. Excellent teaching and continual testing facilitate learning. Our courses which are delivered to small groups of students cover the syllabus as specified by the Board of Studies, and our many examples and exam questions presented to the students are created by ETLC to reflect the content and the style of questions contained in HSC papers.


ETLC is within 50 metres of the railway station at Eastwood and is opposite the police station, so it is safe for parents and children - even at night! ETLC is located at Eastwood.

This is the only location where students can attend our courses.